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What we do best 

At RSN8 Media, we fuel your brand's expansion by handling paid media investments with the meticulous precision typical of financial investment firms. Wherever you stand on your paid media journey — whether you're seeking guidance to construct your strategy or prefer us to craft it for you — we're dedicated to propelling your brand towards a profitable scale.


Paid Social Advertising


Paid Search Advertising 


Performance Content Creation


Ecommerce Strategy 


Lead Generation


Conversion Rate Optimization


Video Editing


Fractional CMO


Analytics & Reporting




Why RSN8 Media?

We stand by the belief that resonance is at the heart of effective digital marketing. Our ethos echoes a historical commitment to authenticity and connection, rooted in three key components: resonant communication, genuine authenticity, and meaningful connection-building. While many agencies overlook these principles, we embrace them wholeheartedly, recognizing their power to drive true engagement and deliver impactful outcomes

Crafting  Advertisements That Resonate

Forging Brand-Audience Connections That Resonate

Fostering Agency Partnerships that Resonate Deeply

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Part of the selection criteria for our company in choosing an agency was finding a partner who was willing to collaborate and teach – RSN8 goes above and beyond in these aspects, and many more. They’ve made working with their team seamless while providing flexibility to help us meaningfully navigate the complex world of media advertising.

Alec - Talentless, Chief Business Development Officer

The RSN8 team is exceptional in the space of digital media and analytics. While working with them, they were able to come into a highly matrixed organization and seamlessly work cross-functionally with marketing and sales colleagues. I wholeheartedly recommend RSN8 Media for excelling in your media plans and strategy.

Maddie - adidas,  Digital Activation Manager 

Shayan and the team at RSN8 are extremely knowledgeable with regard to the ever-changing landscape of paid media and how to use Triple Whale to guide budget, scaling, and creative decisions. They helped us break through our perceived performance limits and find additional revenue during the holiday shopping season and beyond. 

Dan - Kustom Ventures, Founder

Where we've  made impact.

Talentless, adidas, Microsft, Honda, Acura, Marshmello Gang, Enablement Data, Founders Art Club, CUTS Clothing, Planet Beauty, Franklees, Synchro, Kadylux, Helm & Oar, Road to Nowhere, Corporate Turn Around, Front Office Sports, Remember This Art, Marquis, Arkham Intelligence 

Transform your campaigns –
Unlock your Free Audit 

Forged through experimentation and years of industry experience. We'll show you what's been left untapped and highlight a new horizon of potential success.

Untapped Paid Media Strategies

Reveal industry dynamics and exploit market gaps for your advantage.

Market Insights Unveiled 


Gain strategy insights that will drive revenue. Our trained strategist will bring new light and strategic thinking to your current setup.

Creative Strategy Insights

Our approach encompasses every aspect, ensuring holistic growth and optimized conversions.

Holistic Conversion Strategy


RSN8 Media 2.0 Talentless


Learn more about how RSN8 Media Partnered with Triple Whale and Scaled TALENTLESS's Revenue 40% YoY


The results speak for themselves: a remarkable 326% year-over-year revenue increase during campaign periods, accompanied by an impressive 3x return on ad spend.

RSN8 Media 2.0  Adidas


Effectively boosting the digital media budget by 30% to $12M, we strategically dissected various channels and seized emerging opportunities, resulting in a notable 15% year-over-year improvement in ROI. Additionally, our approach involved the execution of multiple campaign angles across diverse product verticals, thoughtfully crafted to align with seasonal demands and optimize outcomes.


Benefit from our seasoned expert team at RSN8 Media: Delivering the Seniority Your Campaigns Deserve.

We lead the charge in the ever-evolving fashion and apparel landscape, delivering targeted campaigns that speak directly to consumers. From high-street favorites to luxury labels, our team crafts compelling strategies to elevate brand presence and drive acquisition to stay ahead of the curve.

Fashion & Apparel

We partner with health and wellness brands to spread awareness and foster meaningful connections with their audiences. Through data-driven insights and personalized messaging, we empower brands to inspire healthier lifestyles and drive positive change.

Health & Wellness

In the fast-paced world of finance, RSN8 Media is your strategic partner for standing out in a competitive landscape. From fintech startups to established finance brands giving advice, we leverage our expertise to create impactful campaigns that drive customer acquisition, retention, and trust.


Elevate your brand with our expertise in crafting bespoke marketing solutions for premium high AOV products like jewelry and fine art. Through meticulous long-term strategy planning, we curate tailored strategies that showcase the exclusivity and allure of these luxury items, fostering loyalty and brand prestige.

Luxury Goods

Elevate your brand with our expertise in crafting bespoke marketing solutions for the automotive industry. Through an omni-channel approach, we ensure seamless integration across all digital platforms and touchpoints. By strategically leveraging this comprehensive approach, we drive engagement and conversions, helping you reach your target audience effectively and maximize your brand's impact in the competitive automotive landscape.


Captivating audiences and sparking excitement, we specialize in partnering with entertainment brands to create buzzworthy campaigns that resonate with fans. Whether it's promoting hit TV shows, blockbuster films, live events, or new song releases, our team leverages industry insights to generate excitement and drive ticket sales, viewership, and engagement to unprecedented levels.


We've been referred to as the "Navy Seals" of paid media.

We're frequently sought out to transform struggling accounts, a task we've mastered time and again. Experience has shown us that the presence of a senior paid media team consistently leads to success. Think of us as your ideal agency, enhanced by our unwavering dedication to ensuring your accounts receive the attention and performance they rightfully deserve. As your media investment agency, we will provide results with meticulous care.

While others talk hype,
RSN8 Media relentlessly delivers.